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Do you have problems with your bathroom kitchen or wet area, mould and leaks, cracked, damaged or unsightly silicone?

Protect your biggest asset or prepare your home for sale buy refreshing your unsightly area/s with Silicone Chicks.
We will asses you problem area/s and recommend the most suitable service for you, you can dramatically increase the look of your property for a fraction of the price it would cost to do major repairs and leaving it looking better than new again.
Whether it be your build, investment or home don’t risk other trades that rush and cut corners to save costs choose Silicone Chicks and be sure the job is done correctly and hassle free the first time with all works guaranteed.

Interior Caulking

We are perfectionists and take care and patience to give the ultimate finish every time. Covering all aspects of internal caulking from large to small joins, tight and hard to reach places, specialty areas that require precision caulking as well as strong product knowledge for a variety of substrates.

When done correctly, caulking prevents airflow, leaking, water damage, dirt build up and dramatically improves the overall appearance of the area.

Choose from our large Maxisil & Sika colour range or we can match your existing.

Mornington Peninsula Kitchen Interior Sealing Services
Mornington Peninsula Interior Sealing Services
Mornington Peninsula Interior Sealing Services
Mornington Peninsula Bathroom Interior Sealing Services

Exterior Caulking

We can help you choose the most suitable products to caulk all external joins including render, timber, brick work, windows, balconies, landscape areas, concrete expansion joints.

Specialising in Natural Stone services.

Mornington Peninsula Exterior Caulking Services
Mornington Peninsula Exterior Caulking Services
Mornington Peninsula Exterior Tile Caulking Services
Mornington Peninsula Exterior Paving Caulking Services

Kitchen & Bathroom Resealing

We remove all tired & damaged silicone or residue, then treat the area, thoroughly killing any remaining mould or bacteria.

We dry the area & apply sanitary grade silicone for a clean finish with longer lasting results.

Mornington Peninsula Kitchen & Bathroom Resealing Services
Mornington Peninsula Shower Resealing Services
Mornington Peninsula Kitchen Sink Resealing Services
Mornington Peninsula Bath Resealing Services

Detail & Mould Removal

We apply our natural base cleaner throughout the area, scrubbing grout separately removing any build-up or stains.

We use peroxide if needed and wash it down with a pH treatment.

Optional: grout whitening.

Mornington Peninsula Mould Removal Services
Mornington Peninsula Bathroom Mould Removal Services
Mornington Peninsula Shower Mould Removal Services
Mornington Peninsula Kitchen Mould Removal Services


Bathrooms (shower areas, tiles, mirrors, vanitys’ & bathtubs), kitchens & splashbacks , laundry areas, floors & edging, all glassed areas, balconies, garage floors, windows and door frames, skirting boards, floor boards, pool surrounds, landscape areas and concrete, tiled & brick expansion joints.