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Some tips so you get the longest life out of your wet area. 

The quality of products being used can make a huge difference. 

Brands like Maxisil (silicones) Mapei (grouts) and Ardex are proven to last up to 10 times longer then other cheaper commonly used brands. A small cost difference at the start can save you allot of money down the track so always do your research if you are unsure. 

Also research your trades and always use the correct tradesperson for the job. Save your self paying double later to remove and replace existing work. 


  • Use watered down vinegar/citrus or pH neutral cleaners
  • Make sure areas are well-ventilated 
  • Dry areas after use (using a handy dry cloth or keep a squigy close by) heat lamps a bonus!
  • Clean regularly – recommend surface clean weekly and use a light scrubbing brush and cleaner for grout lines at least every 3-4 weeks
  • Keep an eye on things if you see a problem (mould, patchy grout, efflorescence) get onto it before it turns into a bigger problem. 
  • New builds – Always waterproof seal new cement based grouts when practical or opt for an epoxy based product


  • Use bar soap (leaves build up on tile and grout for bacteria to grow/spread) any liquid soap are okay
  • Use acidic cleaners like mould kill or bleach products (deteriorates and kills anti-mould properties in grout and sealants)
  • Avoid stagnant water (breads mildew)
  • Leave mould to spread to other areas (maintain regular cleans) 
  • Do any repair work (silicone or grouting) over un- treated areas 
  • Grout pens and other short term DIY fixes usually create more problems down the track (grout can not breath and mould will spread quicker under these products)